Coral Reef Conservation
Pollution can kill reefs from poisons and heavy metals. The pollution enters the ocean by oil spills, acid rain, dumping of hazardous waste, and exhausts pollution from boats and jet skis. When pollution enters the coral reef heavy metals will eventually wear down and kill polyps (the skeleton of coral). By doing this there will be no more new coral. Global warming is another huge factor in destroying coral reefs. When the air gets really warm the water will evaporate, leaving the coral above water.

Humans can harm and improve the coral reef. One negative is that when factories burn coal, carbon is released into the air. Then the carbon will increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, this makes acid rain. Acid rain falls onto the coral then killing the polyps. Humans also improve the coral reef. They form foundations to support the non - pollution of the coral reef. These foundations and the government help to convince other people that the dumping and the releasing of harsh chemicals destroy coral reefs all around the world.

There are problems in the coral reef, but humans put them aside and forget about them. Some problems are too bad to leave be, and one of these problems is called dynamite fishing. Dynamite fishing is when you use explosives to stun or kill schools of fish for easy collections. This often illegal practice can be extremely destructive to the surrounding ecosystem. Another problem that should be addressed to humans is a construction called dredging. When dredging a very high amount of sediment are swept away into the coral reef, that can be hundreds of meters away. Sediments will wear down and eventually kill the coral.
Dredging in action

Some of the possible solutions to dynamite fishing is that the coast guard can keep a very sharp eye out for anyone blowing up coral reef. Also before anyone goes out onto a boat into coral reef waters you should check there boat for any dynamite. Also some ways to help with the dredging problem is theat you can put in management systems. Management systems manage the amount of sediment let out into the ocean. They can limit the amount of dredging in a certain area to minimize the amount of sediments exposed to the coral reef.

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