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Map of Coral Reef Biome



Coral reefs are located in locations where the climate is temperate or tropical in shallow, warm waters. Such locations are the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, and many throughout the Pacific Ocean.
Corals can not stand temperatures that drop much below an average temperature of 18°C. This limits their habitat to waters between 23°N and 23°S latitude. But, while latitude is important, so too is the current. Hawaii, Australia, East coast of Africa, the Red Sea, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia, and the most common area of Coral Reefs is north of Ausralia and south of Vietnam.


Coral reefs are all in tropical waters, so they would be warm all the year round, but, yes, they do have seasonal change. But coral reefs have only 2 main seasons. The average temperature in the Coral Reef Biome is as low as 18 degrees celsius. As coral reefs are submerged, measuring rainfall is nearly impossible. Coral reefs have three different layers. They include the Lagoon Zone, the Buttress Zone, and the Deep Fore Zone. The Red Sea is one of the non tropical coral reef zones. Because of the heat of the sun from the surrounding desert climate this provides the needed heat. The tropical coral reef zones are the Great Barrier Reef, Caribbean Sea, the Western Indian Ocean also it reaches the South Pacific. This is an area of some surf, high oxygen, and lots of light. Often some of the hardier coral live here and there may be many buttresses and grooves.
The Layers of the Coral Reef
Lagoon Zone
Buttress Zone
Deep Fore Zone

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