Desert Conservation
Negative:People used the desert land for a lot of different things. People used to let too many cattle graze in the desert. They also let poisen from silver and gold mines get to near streams which kill desert plants. When people visit deserts the things they do hurts the wildlife. Like off road vehicals such as 4X4's, motorcycles and ATV's. Strip the deserts top soil that makes it hard for plants to grow.
Positive impacts: They were able to create a civilization of people in the desert by building extensive irragation canals that also helped plants and animals for water. So if the animals are thirsty they can have a drink. Also they the plants can have some water. When the canal dumps the water on the plant it absorbs it. The plants and animals will hardly ever be thirsty again.

A problem in a desert that needs to be addressed by humans are, lack of water creates a survival problem for all desert organisms, animals and plants alike. The animals are dying because the water they cannot drink. The plants are dying because there has not been any rainfall.
Deserts are being polluted by humans. Because of the landfills.

They could build an irrigation canal for the animals and plants in the desert to absorb or drink water.
One way people can stop the pollution is, picking up their trash and throwing it away in a trash can. Instead of putting the trash on the desert throw it away. Use less land for landfills and also to recycle plastic, rubber,and all of that so it doesnt get thrown in landfills


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