The Amazing Rat
“Ahh! He’s after me,” said the rat running for his life. “I am going to get you,” said the hawk. “I am almost there to my hole!” said the rat. “Good I made it now I am safe.”

For the past three days the rat was in invigorating pain and lost lots of weight. So he went to the doctor's office for a check up. The doctor found out that there was Eimeria falsiformes in him.

As I was peeking out of my hole, looking for something to eat. There I saw the hawk building a nest in a tree. So I decided to stay in my hole until the hawk was gone.

As I was asleep I felt something weird, when I opened my eyes and figured out that they were fire ants! So I dashed out of the hole and found another hole in a tree he saw. I was still hungry from last night but was happy I found a new home. When he was looking for food he saw a swarm of termites eating the tree. I went over there with an appetite and gobbled them all up. Then the rat goes back to sleep full, happy, and healthy!


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