The first negative impact on an estuary is harbors and marinas. They are negative because estuaries were being filled in for construction of buildings and shipping facilities. Also the boats from the marinas and harbors pollute the water by dumping oil and gas into the water. The positive impact on and estuary is an increase in nutrients. The increase happend because of human population growth in an estuary.

One problem in an estuary that should be adressed by humans is pollution. The pollution comes from industrial discharges and sewage. Also the pollution comes from over exploitiation of shellfisheries. A future problem that should be a concern is sea level rise, as our exsisting estuaries face being submerged. The last problem is habitats are being lost in estuaries and humans should do something about that.

The solution to the sea level rise is many different organizations are working together making differrent plans, and if they are sucessful, they will provide a safe future for the sea level rise in estuaries. A soulution for the lost habitats are it might be possible to recreate estuary habitats. Also if the habitats are recreated all the animals that liived there will come back. The first solution to stop pollution is people need be more careful of where they put there trash. The second solution is they need to dump the sewage some where else not by and estuary. Hopefully humans will notice the problems in the estuary and make these solutions come true.


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