Relationships in an Estuary
By: Veronica C. and Johnny N.
Right then at that moment, Priscilla, the fish, was swimming for her life. The reason she is swimming so fast is because, Ra’Shawn, the Yellow Legged Plover, was striking into the water to eat Priscilla. Priscilla tried yelling for help but no one could hear her. She swam as fast as she could to get help. When she finally found someone, Ra’Shawn on his third attempt to eat her, missed, and Priscilla got away. Ra’Shawn did find another fish to eat but when he was done with it he did not feel good. He guessed the fish had eaten Pfiosteria piscida and now it was inside of him. Tron the turtle decided to take a nice swim. All of the sudden Tron got tired and decided to go back to his house. Tron’s house is made out of Gary the grass so he can hide from other animals that want to eat him. He lay down and fall asleep. Pricilla had found a home in Gary the grass and Gary was very excited because it had a new friend. Pricilla was happy because she had a new place to hide from Ra’Shawn. Pricilla is happy, Gary the grass has a new friend Tron found a great place to sleep and Ra’Shawn was unhappy because he was sick but he will get better soon.


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