Grassland Conservation

In the grasslands there are problems, and some of these problems are affect grasslands. A major problem humans are causing is called afforestation. Which means taking opean land and planting things like trees to turn them into forests. This is killing grasslands and habitats of some animals. Also humans have been hunting animals to near extinction such as bison and buffalo. But humans are helping that cause. Hunting has been banned from about 1% of grasslands.

Problems in grasslands that need to be addressed are fires. When there are fires the wind blows the fire, forcing herds of animals to enclosed ears and sometime killing many animals. Another problem is rapid urban development and coal mining. This is slowly killing off grasslands and habitats of animals.

A possible solution to these fires in grasslands is to buy land and protect it. Some people have started to by land on grasslands but not enough. And a possible solution to the coal mining and urban development is to set aside more land that cannot have any development on it. such as more national parks.


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