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There are various types and locations of grasslands. One type of grassland is the Pampas. It is primarily in Argentina and streches all the way to Uraguay. It is located just below Buneos Aries, between 30 and 34 degrees south and between 57 and 63 degrees west. Another type of grassland is the Steppes. They are found in all of the continents accept for Austriala and Antarctica. It is usually found between deserts and forests. The third kind of grassland is the Prairie. Prairies are found mainly in North America. They go from Saskatchewan and Alberta through the Great Plains all the way to Texas and Mexico. And the last type of grassland is the Savanna. The Savannas are located in Africa and in Australia where they cover about half of each continent. In Africa they are located between 15 degrees north and 30 south, and 50 degrees west and 40 degrees west. In Australia they are located along the eastern coast along the latitutude lines of 10 to 20 degrees south.

Grassland locations around the world

In the 4 types of grasslands the climate varies greatly. The Steppe has 2 seasons, a summer and a winter. It is a very dry climate. In fact, if it got any less rain it would become a desert. It has no trees and recieves 25-50cm of rain per year. The temperature in the summer averages 40 degrees Celcius and in the winter it gets as low as -40 degrees Celcius. The next type of grassland ,the prairies, have all 4 seasons. It is the driest in the central portions. They get 32-54cm of rain per year. Most of the rain falls close to the mountains and to the east and north of the prairies. There is usually a long period of drought in the summer, in addition to very strong winds.

The third type of grassland is the Pampas. The Pampas receive 60-120cm of rain per year. The rainfall is fairly uniform throughout the year and slightly heavier during the summer season. The average temperature is 18 degrees Celcius. The winters are cool and mild and the summers are warm and humid. The last type of grassland is the Savanna. It has two seasons also, a summer and a winter. Almost all of its rain comes in the summer months, which is the wet season. The average rainfall is about 100-150cm per year. The dry season (which is the winter) is slightly cooler with temperatures around 20-25 degrees Celcius. In the wet season the average temperature is about 20-30 degrees Celcius.

Praries in the Fall

Steppes in the summer

The Pampas


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