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Lake Baikal
Lakes are typically located in the middle of continents. One of the lake systems we are going to focus on is Lake Baikal. It's located in south-east Siberia. Lake Baikal only has two seasons, summer and winter. The climate in the winter is -25 degrees Celsius and in the summer its 17 degrees Celsius. Republic of Buryatia is to the west of Lake Baikal and the anual precipitation is 24.4 cm.
Lake Baikal in Summer
Lake Baikal in Winter
Lake Baikal

The Great Lakes
The second lake system is the Great Lakes. In this lake system there is Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Erie. It is located in North America in the United States. They have four seasons. The temperature in the summer is about 20 degrees Celsius and in the winter its about -1 degrees Celsius. In the winter the amount of precipitation is about 20 cm. In the summer the amount of precipitation is about 33 cm.
Great Lakes
Great Lakes In Winter
Great Lakes in Summer

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