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The Near Shore Zone can be located all over the world. We chose the Honolulu Islands, Austrlia, and Russia.
Light Blue is NearShore Zones', red dot can be ignored

Climate Honolulu

The climate of the Near Shore Zone in Honolulu. The Tempter of the water in the summer is 24.4 C. and in the winter the tempeture of the water is 27.2 C. The island waters get 63.5 centimeters of rain a year. There are two seasons the winter and the summer in the Near Shore Zone.
in the winter of Hawii bigger waves appear

Sydney Australia

This is climate of the Near Shore Zone in Sydney. This area of Australia has two seasons’ winter and summer, but since they are in the southern hemisphere the times are switched. The average water temperature of the coastal water is 15 degrees C in the winter, and 20 degrees to 22 degrees C in the summer. Sydney's Near Shore Zone gets an unusual rainfall of 101.6 cm of rain each year to other parts of Australia.

The Near shore zone of Sydeny in the summer

White Sea, Russia

In the White Sea, there are two seasons summer and winter. Summer temperatures are 17-19 degrees C and the winter temperature is between below zero and just a little above zero. The year average for rain of the White Sea is 40 cm

beautiful white sea

where the white sea is

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